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In my life, accountability is very important to me– from relationships to fitness and everything in between, I set a standard and work hard to meet my goals. I have always applied the same principle to my brand, taking into account the promises we make and delivering a product that exceeds expectation. - Gabriel De Santino

To give your skin some much needed vitamin-sea, we've created robust formulaS centered around the ocean's nutrient epicenter, Sea Fennel. The secret of this blue-green, beauty-bestowing plant is its rich, bio-available nutrients, which help improve skin radiance and tone. This powerhouse ingredient can be found in Gabriel, Zuzu Luxe, and Clean Kids Naturally products.

Drawing from his grandmother’s homeopathic practices and teachings, Gabriel De Santino, CEO and Founder of Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. has always believed that the sea embodies special healing and revitalizing properties. As a young child, Gabriel frequented his grandmother’s home near the coast of Mexico where he learned the significance of seaweed and kelp. As his curiosity heightened and his passion for healthy living and natural beauty evolved, he knew it was his calling to bring these special properties to consumers and become an advocate for all natural and organic beauty products.


In 1992, Gabriel developed a vegan and gluten free skincare line, full of sea-derived ingredients called Gabriel Organics. By using 100% natural ingredients including plant oils, extracts, and botanicals, his high-quality skincare products are non-allergenic and fragrance-free, consisting of a complete collection suited for every woman’s skincare needs.

As Gabriel continued to make his mark on the organic beauty products industry, he wanted to expand his brand to offer a wider variety of products to healthy beauty addicts. In 1995, he launched a cosmetics line, Gabriel Cosmetics along with Clean Kids Naturally, a healthy alternative for kids personal care products. In 2001, Zuzu Luxe was launched, which is also an all natural, vegan, and gluten free makeup collection. 

Through consistent research, product development and direct consumer interaction, Gabriel keeps his finger on the pulse of new healthy beauty developments and continues to be one of the leaders in beauty and wellness. It was the continual success and expansion of his company that lead to opening the Gabriel Natural Beauty Lounge in 2017, a natural retreat for fans both loyal and new to have a one-stop-shop for natural products and services. 


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