Gabriel Signature Facials

Gabriel Classic Facial: (60 mins)

A holistic, European facial experience, complete with a full skin analysis to ensure treatment steps are

tailored to your skin's individual needs. A deep cleansing to get rid of surface impurities and oils. Then

a gentle exfoliant to remove rough dead skin. Followed by a mask and Gabriel signature treatments to

leave you feeling replenished and rejuvenated. A soothing facial, decollete, hand and arm massage is

included. Treat yourself with personalized attention on your face and skin as well as some self care and

time to relax.


Gabriel Classic Mini Facial: (30 min)

A simple, effective European facial designed to improve the overall health of your skin. After a skin

analysis, a deep cleansing and gentle exfoliant to get rid of surface impurities and oils and to remove

rough dead skin. Followed by a mask and Gabriel signature treatments to leave your skin glowing and

feeling hydrated and refreshed. A soothing facial, hand and arm massage is included. Set aside a little

time in your busy schedule for some self care and to rejuvenate your skin.


Gabriel Classic Teen Facial: (45 mins)

A customized service with a thorough skin analysis designed to specifically address the issues generally

associated with adolescent skin. This deep cleansing facial aims to purify the skin and educate your

teen on their changing skin conditions. A great opportunity for your teen to experience the importance

of properly caring for the skin and to establish healthy skincare habits early in life. For all teens ages 12 and up.


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Facial Sheet Mask Treatments

Get your skin prepared to allow essential nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin. Once the skin is

properly cleansed, exfoliated and toned you can rest under a Gabriel Marine Elements plant based

fiber mask, while receiving a hand and arm massage. After just one mask treatment your skin will look

more radiant and beautiful and feel soft and supple. Relax and enjoy the ultra soothing hydration

for aging, dehydrated, tired or dry & dull skin.

*all facial sheet mask treatments can be added onto Gabriel Classic facial services (additional 15min)

Anti-Aging Mask Treatment (20 min)

Dramatically reduces fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes age spots, visibly improves & revitalizes

distressed skin, Contains natural age fighting antioxidants.

Skin Brightening Mask Treatment (20 min)

Evens out skin tone & discolorations, energises skin & increases circulation, instantly lightens &

brightens, boosts hydration for a healthy glowing complexion.

Moisturizing Mask Treatment (20 min)

Locks in essential moisture, rejuvenates tired & dull complexions, restores firmness & improves

elasticity, Contains skin plumping nutrients and vitamins.

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